The story behind: Biking from Uganda to Sweden.

In 2011 a group of scouts from Uganda, starting with nothing but faith and determination, set out on an epic journey to travel from Uganda to Sweden for the 2011 World Scout Jamboree by bicycle!

It all started back in 2009 … at an international conference in Uganda; we were wondering of how we could participate in the Jamboree in Sweden 2011, we did not have money to take us to Sweden but after interactions with international friends, we came up with the idea of bicycling from Uganda to Sweden. After the conference, we pushed the idea and started mobilizing for the Cycling expedition with out knowing how and the requirements. Test expeditions were held along the way, one of them when three Scouts set out from Kampala in Uganda to the World Scout Moot 2010 in Kenya. “A lot of people were interested in our trip, and were asking why we were doing it”, this was when the project became a campaign for “peace and safe environment for all.

The original plan was to go on bicycle all the way from Uganda, but due to the instability in Northern Africa we were advised by Authorities to go by bike to Adis Abbaba in Ethiopia, take the plane to southern Italy, and then take our bikes all the way to Sweden from there. This meant an increased need for funding to be able to afford the plane tickets. “The project then started to pick up momentum”, we started getting donations and help from people from different places around the world. Among those was a US Scout we met at the Moot, who helped us by making badges to sell for our campaign. On June 14th the twelve of us set out from Kampala in Uganda heading for Rinkaby, Sweden. All the way through Europe we met a lot of friendly people and made many new friends. Meeting people and talking to them was one small part of the campaign about “peace for all”, and we are hope that the message was conceived and brought a bout “peace and safe environment for all” were taken up by everyone at the Jamboree. After the Jamboree the twelve Scouts returned home to Uganda by plane – and the bikes bicycles were left in Sweden. Some were bought by scouts from other countries and a few were taken to the museum in Sweden.

We have written a book and the full story of what transpired can be found in the book. At books shops. Title: LEADERS IN TRAINING: