In august 2015, 56 members of Campfire Logs guild, a group of former scouts in Uganda embarked on a 350km Hiking Expedition from the Independence Park in Mbarara western Uganda to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre UWEC, Central Uganda. The expedition which lasted for 10 days saw hikers participate in various community activities along the way. The hikers camped with communities, worked and shared the good message of wildlife protection and Nature Conservation. The activities included; Planting of over 3000 trees and encouraged communities to plant at least 3 trees to save the environment. Sensitized on environmental protection and conservation, the questions were “What do you know about the earth you living on? “Why do rivers bend? What happens to your cup of tea when you pour it on the ground? Were asked and answered. 10 acts of Kindness to various communities, in 10 days along the way. Dare Trail hikers were taken into a reality where they were dared with various challenges. Hikers in their squads took part in physical activities with games to test their mind. They climbed over trees, escape traps, turned rough the forest and explore the dare trails as they solved puzzles and compete. And were taken through various obstacles, mind games and survival tests. PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION: Hikers were asked to upload at least three pictures or selfies on our social platforms and the more likes one won them an award. This was intended to help our participants not to miss out on any important caption along the trail. AWARDS AND RECOGNITION: this is an annual event where our participants are awarded with, Ribbons, Certificates, and black horse. In 2011, a team of 12 Scouts rode bicycles for Uganda to Sweden to attend the 22nd world scout Jamboree. They were awarded with the black horse in 2015 August 23rd. in 2015, a team of 66 young men and women hiked (from mbarara, western Uganda to Uganda Wildlife Education Centre Entebbe) and of them were awarded with the Green Ribbon, aspiring to be awarded the Black after they submit their projects and reports and general awards for everyone. Our full story is soon coming out in a book titled: HOW WE DID IT.
Lookout for THE next event: THE EAST AFRICA CHALLENGE was 30 young men and women from east Africa will ride bicycles though out the east African region.
Thanks to our sponsors and partners; Angeo Expression, Uganda Wildlife Education centre (UWEC), Trees For the Future, Urban TV and our mother organization International scouts and Guide Fellowship.